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The Department of Protocol facilitates interaction between Zambia and the international community to ensure that diplomatic norms and etiquette are adhered to.

The Department provides protocol and consular services as well as immunity and privileges to the Diplomatic Corps, processes agreements and arranges presentation of Credentials. The Department also facilitates the participation of Government Ministries and the Diplomatic Corps at State Functions and Ceremonies.

The Protocol department also coordinates and facilitates the repatriation of Zambians who die or become destitute abroad. It also looks into the general welfare of Zambians abroad and those working in foreign Missions accredited to Zambia.

In addition, the Department facilitates travel abroad of Government Leaders and Officers.

List of services that the Protocol Department shall endeavor to simplify and provide electronically as well as manually include the under-listed:


Invitations To The Diplomatic Corps in Zambia To Attend State and Official Functions Respectively

  • International Women’s Day
  • Labour Day
  • Youth Day
  • Africa Freedom Day
  • Lusaka Agriculture and Commercial Show Official Opening
  • Independence Day
  • International Trade Fair
  • Traditional Ceremonies
  • Invitations to State Banquets in honour of Visiting Heads of State and Government
  • Any other State or Official functions that may come up from time to time such as Presidential lunches
  • Transmission of Diplomatic mail such as Note Verbals to Embassies, High Commissions, and International Organizations

Consular Services

  • Registration of Zambians abroad
  • e-visa
  • Application for diplomatic identity cards
  • Smart diplomatic identity cards
  • Electronic Diplomatic Permit
  • Diplomatic List
  • Consular Access to detained foreign nationals i.e. online booking
  • Facilitation of the following:
    • Aircraft clearance
    • Firearms clearance
    • Motor vehicle clearance
    • Clearance of diplomatic goods
  • Report fraud and financially motivated internet crime
  • Issuance of Note Verbals for foreign visas
  • Inform Zambians in the Diaspora on services provided by Zambian Diplomatic Missions
  • Circulars to Zambian Diplomatic Missions Abroad