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Once one has determined that they need a visa, the purpose of their visit and the appropriate visa fee to pay, the following steps can be followed to apply for a visa. These steps can either be performed in advance of arrival by mailing the forms to the appropriate Zambian Mission or have their information and fee ready when arriving at the port of entry.

Application Steps

  • Completion of the visa application form (Form 16) in duplicate (photocopies are accepted).
  • Obtain two recent passport size photographs signed on the back of each
  • Collect supporting documentation

If traveling for business, studies, official (government), church or volunteer purposes:

  • A cover letter specifying the nature of of the intended business
  • Flight itinerary or return air ticket

If traveling for tourism purposes:

  • Flight or tour itinerary and / or copy of air ticket

If traveling for private visit purposes:

  • Invitation letter and current immigration status of host.
  • Submit documentation with associated fee to the nearest Zambian Foreign Mission. (for current addresses, please see Missions page)

REMINDER: These are general guidelines and different procedures exist for certain individuals.